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The 2 Best DNA Testing Kit Companies of 2020

DNA Testing kits can provide insight into health and family histories. Seeing results (typically several weeks after submitting your test) can be informative, educational, and even fun; beware, however, of the potential risks (emotional, family, legal, etc.).

We’ve analyzed over 20 DNA Testing Kit companies and have chosen 2 that meet the highest standards. While we were hoping more companies would meet the “Gold Standard”, we ultimately decided only 2 companies surpass our “Trust Factor” threshold given the sensitive nature of sharing one’s DNA sample with a service.

  • 23andMe (Gold Standard)
    • Best for genetic screening and health risks
    • Has solid genealogy component as well
    • Only DNA Test Kit with FDA approval
  • AncestryDNA (Gold Standard)
    • Best for genealogy / family history
    • Has solid genetic screening and health risks component as well
    • Has database of tens of millions of profiles and deep family history research
Updated on April 29, 2020

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